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Wood Care

The lifetime use of of wooden articles will be enhanced with appropriate care.

Most items made are finished with an oil-based product. All items that can come into contact with food should be finished with a food safe oil. These are readily available from hardware shops. These oils are easy to apply, after sanding, if necessary, to repair any surface damage. They may take a day or so to dry and become odour free, though there are some oils that have rather pleasant odour (e.g. Orange -based oils) that can add to the use of the item. Oil finished items should be wiped clean with warm water then dried. A fresh coat of timber oil will bring these items back to life and enhance the natural grains.

Items that need to provide some resistance to penetration of liquids need to have a finish that seals the surface of the timber. These are generally polyurethane based varnishes. Such finishes tend to quite hard wearing, though they require more effort to resurface. Surfaces must be well sanded and then 2 or 3 coats of a new finish applied, lightly sanding between coats.

All the inlay work used in our items is at least 2 mm thick – this allows many re-sanding/finishing tasks providing a long life time of satisfying use.